Everyday new blockchain and cryptocurrencies are developed. These developers need certain skills to develop them, Here are the skills that you can learn to in no time so you can develop one too from the courses I’m suggesting to you. One more thing you need to focus for this 2022 is web 3.0.

Studies you should be focusing for blockchain development

1. Full stack Blockchain Developer

Salary : $100,000 per year (US) | $90, 000 per year (Remote) Malaysia Data Unknown

Understanding the Psychology and concepts of Blockchain.
  • Understand what is Blockchain
  • Explore why we need Blockchain
  • Don’t focus too much on Bitcoin, just grasp the underlying layer
  • Understand the terminologies like nodes, accounts, smart contracts, transactions, mining, consensus, public network, private network, consortium, certificate authorities, hashing, blocks, chain etc.
  • These terminologies varies depends on the platform we learn. First take one then start relate to others.
  • Understand how it is different from existing Eco system and architecture like distributed systems and databases.
Smart Contract
  • Smart contracts are the programs which is going to be executed inside the Blockchain.
  • Business rules are codified and uploaded to the network in the Blackbox mode.
  • Smart contracts are different for different platforms. Now the smart contracts are written using Solidity, Java, Go, Kotlin etc for different platforms. If you choose ethereum to start you go with solidity. It is same as other object oriented programming.
Programming language of choice
  • Application end users are not going to use the terminal to use our application. They need client software like Web, Mobile apps.
  • We should know basic(HTML, CSS, JS) knowledge. At least beginner level.
  • You should be able to write web services in any of the programming languages(Like Express, Go , Java, Kotlin, etc)
  • We should be able to handle off chain data in local databases. Like user authentication for your web and mobile apps
Tools and software
  • There are other software which support for the Dapp developement.
  • For file storage we can use IPFS, StorJ, casper.
  • Try to use simulation software to kick start with. Ethereum – Browser solidity, Hyperledger – Composer.
Blockchain Platforms to look out
  • Ethereum,
  • Quorum
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Corda etc.

2. Ethereum Developer

Salary : $100 per hour Depends on the project

Reasons to Become an Ethereum Blockchain Developer

So, you can clearly see that there is a lot of professional development opportunities for Ethereum developers. You can work with top companies at promisingly high salary estimates in comparison to software developers with Ethereum developer jobs. However, you need to establish strong reasons to build the perfect foundation for your career as an Ethereum blockchain developer. Here is an outline of a few reasons for which you should think about pursuing a career in Ethereum development :

1. Intellectual and Professional Development

First of all, the field of blockchain offers the chance for learning and improving continuously. The blockchain industry provides a comprehensive platform for learning about various intellectually empowering disciplines. Some of the notable disciplines referred to in this case include financecryptography, software development, and economics.

2. Scope for Growth

The next prominent reason to pursue the job of an Ethereum developer is the relatively new arrival of blockchain and Ethereum. The concept of blockchain arrived in 2009, and Ethereum was one of the earliest blockchain platforms for application development. Although a decade has passed, blockchain and Ethereum continue to mature and experience new innovations in technology. So, you are less likely to encounter cut-throat competition in your Ethereum developer roadmap.

3. Job Satisfaction

Furthermore, the perception of blockchain developer jobs as convenient and satisfying can also be a reliable factor in preparing for Ethereum development jobs. According to a Developer Survey by Stack Overflow in 2019, almost 68% of web developers perceive blockchain technology positively. In addition, around 30% of the developers in the survey indicated that blockchain could have profoundly ‘life-altering’ effects.

Responsibilities of Ethereum Developers
  1. Development of Ethereum smart contracts with Solidity programming language
  2. Supporting the creation of teams for smart contract and decentralized app development
  3. Creation and testing of customer-facing decentralized applications
  4. Coordination of work with partners and contractors
  5. Safeguarding security of enterprise blockchain applications with basic cryptography techniques
  6. Communicating the application specifications and project details for all stakeholders alongside adapting to fast-paced team environments
  7. Ability for explaining technical jargon to uninitiated stakeholders

3. Solidity Developer

 Smart contracts require programming, and Solidity is the tool for the job. Salary : $127,000 per year (US) | $145,000 per year (Remote) Malaysia Data Unknown Solidity is an object-oriented programming language created specifically by the Ethereum Network team for constructing and designing smart contracts on Blockchain platforms.

  • It’s used to create smart contracts that implement business logic and generate a chain of transaction records in the blockchain system.
  • It acts as a tool for creating machine-level code and compiling it on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
  • It has a lot of similarities with C and C++ and is pretty simple to learn and understand. For example, a “main” in C is equivalent to a “contract” in Solidity.

Like other programming languages, Solidity programming also has variables, functions, classes, arithmetic operations, string manipulation, and many other concepts.

How does solidity works?

The beauty of the Ethereum ecosystem is that so many different cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications can use it. Smart contracts make it possible for unique technologies to be made on Ethereum for all kinds of businesses and organizations. Every year, the world spends billions of dollars on blockchain solutions. Many of these solutions are created using Solidity. Smart contracts built using Solidity can be thought of as a way to automate business and non-business processes between different people. This ensures that people making transactions on the blockchain do not have to worry about risks such as fraud or not being able to use the same currency. One of the key components that makes the execution of Solidity code possible is the EVM. The EVM is described as a virtual computer on the blockchain which turns people’s ideas into code that runs applications on the blockchain. Under the hood, Solidity creates machine-level code that is executed on the EVM. A compiler is used to break down high-level human-readable code, which it turns into instructions that the processor reads. Different platforms provide free Solidity compilation, including the Remix online compiler and a downloaded command-like compiler on a PC. EVM smart contracts have some limitations which need to be addressed. One of the most significant of these is the limited access to useful library functions for parsing JSON structures or floating-point arithmetic Learn Here : https://www.simplilearn.com/tutorials/blockchain-tutorial/what-is-solidity-programming

4. Blockchain Gaming Engineer

Salary : $108,000 per year (US) Malaysia Data Unknown It’s an approach where the digital items inside video games–things like collectibles, weapons and cosmetic skins–are real world assets, similar to stocks or bonds, in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Since NFTs are stored on the blockchain, a public and decentralized ledger, it gives the “right to transfer” to the consumer, giving them control of their own virtual assets. Says Linden, “Everyone has the opportunity to become entrepreneurial in these games.

What’s the big difference?

Control. Publishers can’t pull the plug on blockchain assets by shutting down a title or removing features from games. The in-game NFT items can exist beyond the lifespans of games and retain value as long as there is demand. Blockchain gaming also introduces the notion of a “play-to-earn” model that “compensates [players] for the time that they spend grinding in those games,” says Nick Casares, head of product at blockchain incubator PolyientX. That could come in the form of taking a rare item off the platform to sell elsewhere or accumulating in-game tokens that can be converted into cryptocurrencies like Ether.


Blockchain studies are still in a very early phase yet in demand for the next decade. Do make your own research find your interest. Here are some job and course suggestion pages

  1. https://cryptocurrencyjobs.co/
  2. https://www.edx.org/learn/blockchain

The salary rates mentioned above are not accurate can vary according to the place and job scope. Good luck.

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