THETAN ARENA NFT Gaming (Play-To-Earn)

Thetan Arena is a NFT gaming platform. Or it is a MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena) gaming.


To be simply said the game mechanism is combination of PUBG and Mobile Legend. The interface is more easy to use and user friendly.

You can use mobile and pc to play this game. Moreover, Thetan Arena introduces to you a brand-new play to earn system, allowing you to earn cryptocurrency by playing and trading NFT items on the marketplace

Beginner Guide

  1. Setup Metamask Wallet
  2. Register Thetan Arena
  3. Connect to Thetan Arena to your Metamask wallet
  4. Make sure your wallet has WBNB coins to buy characters
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  • Go to marketplace and choose a character you wanted to buy
  • Filter and sort based on your budget
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gTHC Battles 1

 Heroes in Thetan Arena have different gTHC Battles and Daily gTHC Battles (Min <> Max) depending on the rarity of heroes and skins.

  • gTHC Battles: Total battles eligible for earning gTHC
  • Daily gTHC Battles: Total battles eligible for earning gTHC in a day

Should I must buy Premium Heroes?

Free Heroes

  • Free Hero offers less oppurtunity
  • Cannot buy and sell the hero
  • Cannot Participate in special events
  • Cannot Evolve the heroes

Premium Heroes

  • Premium Heroes has more earning oppurtunities
  • Can buy,sell or trade the hero
  • Can Participate in special events
  • Premium Hero can evolve to Thetan Hero

Types of Heroes

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Thetan Arena is an e-sport game based on Blockchain technology. You can gather your friends, form a team, battle with others and earn money with just your skills. When players join Thetan Arena for the first time, they will be given a free hero named Raidon at Level 1. Free heroes will not be sold on the marketplace. Heroes in other rarities can be unlocked from Thetan Box.


  • Health Point: High
  • Attack Damage: Normal
  • Speed: Slow


  • Health Point: Low
  • Attack Damage: High
  • Speed: High


  • Health Point: Normal
  • Attack Damage: High
  • Speed: Normal

Game Modes

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Thetan Arena’s gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork. Challenge yourself with various game modes: MOBA & Battle Royale.
GameModes bar
Thetan Arena’s gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork. Challenge yourself with various ameBA & Battle Royale.

Battle Royale

(Solo / Duo)

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  • Number of Players: 12 Players
  • Time Limitation: 4 minutes

12 players joining a battleground try their best to survive and to become the last man standing.After a short period, a ring-shaped borderline will appear and start closing in, trapping everyone inside. Whoever staying outside it gets eliminated.

Tower Siege

TD illus 1024x731 1 1
  • Number of Players: 8 Players
  • Time Limitation: 5 minutes

In this amazing mode, players are divided into two teams. Their mission is to bring down the rival’s tower. Players have to collect items called Battery to summon the Siege Robot. The tower can only be damaged whenever the Siege Robot reaches the tower.

Super Star

SS illus 1024x731 1
  • Number of Players: 8 Players
  • Time Limitation: 4 minutes

Players join and try to own the Superstar. The “mother” Superstar produces Point Stars which give match points to the team which collects these.


DM illus 1024x731 1
  • Number of players: 8 players
  • Time Limitation: 3 minutes

In this mode, the main target of all players is “Eliminating others as many as possible”. Whoever has the most elimination points before the time runs out will be the winner.

Custom Battle

SS Icon
  • Number of Players: Customizable
  • Time Limitation: Up to the chosen game mode.

Want to create a game and play with your friends only? You can create a custom battle and invite them to play together. The host can freely choose any option among available possibilities of game modes, maps and can decide the number of in-game players.

Battle Rewards (Earnings)

Battle Result Team Modes

After each match, all NFT heroes get gTHC rewards. This reward is based on the match results and the rarity of the hero and skin (win bonus).

Battle Royale

Battle Result Solo 269x300 1
Battle Result Duo

Win Bonus

Battle Rewards Win Bonus

Players are rewarded with Win bonus when:

  • Win in team modes
  • Rank 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th in Battle Royale Solo
  • Rank 1st, 2nd in Battle Royale Duo


Overall, this is a highly engrossing game that does not become monotonous or uninteresting after a while of play due to the numerous game options available. I would strongly advise you to at least try this game; it has been a fantastic experience for me. Happy Gaming!! Thetan Arena Whitepaper

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