Bulls VS Bears NFT, Crypto and Forex Project

The first ever NFT project merged with Forex trading giving interests to the NFT buyers and donating part of the profit to the charities.


Bulls have been going against the Bears from the time trading and business have existed. Revenue and making money are the purest of any business model. There is nothing other than this to describe the ups and downs. Living on the Ethereum blockchain these two will make ROI perpetually for the owner and their community has chosen charity, which is airdropped to their respective wallets. This will eventually build-up to be a pass to your own totally Pvt cryptocurrency bank account with keys. These NFTs are also able to be sold back to us.

Bulls against bear

How does the Bulls vs Bears work?

  1. NFT sales made using Ethereum.
  2. Ethereum is moved directly to trading account with out need for conversion and fees
  3. When Trading is done they can withdraw also and pay their NFT holders in Ethereum, saving us multiple conversions and fees from other tokens
  4. Professional traders in BvsB will be trading the accounts
  5. The traders will be targeting to minimum profits which is 5%-10% for every week
  6. Every week the profits will be withdrawn and will be moved back to Ethereum
  7. 5%(series 1 buyers) from the total profit will be given back to the NFT buyers on the 1st of every month
  8. Another 1% will be used for charity donation
  9. The purchasing value as well as the interest rate will get higher with other coming series, total being 5 series.
  10. 30% of the profit will be awarded to the our traders as their reward
  11. Balance will be stored into Ethereum to give airdrops and as company profits

Why you shoud buy the bulls and bears?

Bulls vs Bears is the only NFT project ever to give interest to the buyers as well as the same amount to charity. There are total of 5 series in this NFT project. The best part in this project is, they are using the profits to donate to the charities. Never saw any NFT projects using their profits to donate to some charities.

The buyers will have the voting power to choose which charity BvsB should donate. Everything will be available in the website to vote and to check if the money is really used for that donations.

For the trading history, they are transparent to the buyers. Every traders account will be published in MyFXbook, so the buyers can view all the trade history, exact amount of profits and losses has been made.

The NFT project to have a buyback program

Series in Bulls vs Bears

Total there are 5 series in Bulls vs Bears. Each series will be released once the current series has been sold out.

Buy Back Programme

Bulls vs Bears is the only NFT project ever to buy back the NFT from the buyers. If a buyer does not want to hold their NFT anymore they can sell back to the company anytime at price of 90% of the buying price.

So if a person buys the NFT for 0.1eth, they can sell back to BvsB at the price of 0.09eth. 10% is charged for the transaction fee. 

Eventhough buyers selling at 90% of the price, they can be still profit if the Ethereum price soars up. Let say someone bought a NFT on 31 August 2022 for 0.1 eth ( 149USD), and they are selling back in 2023. Is the price of Ethereum is higher than the current price, for example 3000USD per Ethereum, 0.09eth cost 270USD.

Else, you can sell the NFTs in any market for the price you wish for.

10.1200060% (5% monthly)

The Bulls

Bulls NFT

The Bears

Bear 1536x1024 1

Check out Bulls vs Bears subsidiary project www.yelayela.com.

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